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Courts Reject Kovel – No Attorney-Client Privilege for the Accountant

Contents1 Offshore Disclosure is a Tax & Legal Submission2 Less-Experienced Offshore Disclosure Lawyers Misunderstand How Kovel Letters Work3 These Attorneys Are Putting Your Confidentiality at Risk!3.1 Your Privilege is Better Protected with a Dually-Licensed Attorney who handles your Tax & Legal submission.4 Your Attorney Should be a Dually-Licensed Enrolled Agent or CPA5 Can’t The Attorney…


Voluntary Disclosure Lawyer Scam Warning “Flat-Fee without Tax Prep”

Contents1 Why You Need a Tax Attorney1.1 Offshore Disclosure and Being Dually-Licensed2 Don’t Get Tricked into the “No Tax Prep, Flat-Fee Scam” 2.1 Most Voluntary Disclosure Cases are Tax Cases, with Legal Analysis of Tax Issues2.2 The CPA is Usually Not an Employee of the Attorney Firm3 Benefits of a Dually-Licensed Tax Attorney Who Prepares…


Offshore Compliance in 2019 – 5 Tips for Getting (or Staying) Compliant

Contents1 Offshore Compliance in 20192 5 Common International IRS Forms You May Have to File3 FBAR (FinCEN 114)4 Form 89385 Form 35206 Form 54717 Form 86218 What if I am Out of FBAR Compliance?9 What Should You Do?10 4 Types of IRS Voluntary Disclosure Programs10.1 Contact Us Today; Let us Help You. Offshore Compliance in 2019 –…


CPA or Attorney Says to Report Filing Forward for Offshore Accounts?

Contents1 Filing Forward vs. Offshore Amnesty2 CPA – No Attorney-Client Privilege3 Dually-Licensed Attorney/EA or Attorney/CPA4 Does being Dually-Licensed Impact the Attorney-Client Privilege?4.1 You will find that nearly all the most experienced Offshore Disclosure attorneys in this area of law will have:5 Why is Filing Forward Dangerous?6 If I go Streamlined if I was Willful, Will…