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Tax Attorney Credentials & Experience in Offshore Disclosure

Contents1 Tax Attorney Credentials 2 Types of Offshore Voluntary Disclosure3 IRS Offshore Disclosure Tax Credentials & Experience4 Board-Certified Specialist in Tax Law5 Master’s in Tax Law (LL.M.)6 Dually-Licensed as an EA or CPA7 20 Years Attorney Experience8 Trial and Litigation Experience9 Golding & Golding (Board-Certified Tax Law Specialist)10 Recent Golding & Golding Case Highlights11 Interested in…


Case Study Example of Offshore Accounts Filing & Reporting

Contents1 Offshore Accounts (In General)2 What is Required?3 What is an Offshore Account?4 What if I do Not Report Offshore Accounts?5 Case Study Example — Offshore Account Ownership6 Offshore Account Tax Planning7 Big CPA firms & “Individual” Tax Returns8 Cross-Section of Michelle’s Offshore Tax Situation9 Australian Bank Accounts 10 Australian Superannuation11 Australian Rental Properties 12 Australian Securities…


Just Learned About FBAR & Missed Prior Filings, Now What?

Contents1 Just Learned About the FBAR?2 Common FBAR Example 3 FBAR Disclosure Amnesty – Golding & Golding (Board-Certified)4 Recent Golding & Golding Case Highlights5 How to Hire Experienced FBAR Counsel?6 Interested in Learning More about Golding & Golding? Just Learned About FBAR & Missed Prior Filings, Now What? Around this time of year, we get inundated…


3.1 Million Swiss Accounts Were Exposed to 75 Countries

3.1 Million Swiss Accounts Were Exposed to 75 Countries Just in case you thought your Swiss accounts were safe from the IRS… They aren’t. A recent press release from the Swiss Government cemented that fact with a recent press release. The short of it is, the Swiss Financial Institutions have shared data for more than 3.1…


Were you Misled About the Streamlined Filing Procedures?

Contents1 Streamlined Program Cases are Complex2 Recent Case of Bad Streamlined Offshore Lawyering3 Golding & Golding has Already Fixed Many Cases from Inexperienced Counsel4 Hiring an Outside Accountant Under False Pretenses of Kovel Protection5 Devaluing the Importance of Advanced Tax & Law Credentials 6 Using Words such as “Criminal” or “Jail” during the Consultation7 Handling Your…