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Contents1 Streamlined Domestic Offshore Procedures (IRS)2 Purpose of IRS Streamlined Domestic Offshore Program3 Streamlined Domestic Offshore Eligibility Criteria4 Treatment & […]
  Contents1 International Tax Law, Immigration & Offshore Disclosure2 But First, A Brief Introduction to How the US Tax System […]
Contents1 Taxes for Expats2 Taxes for Expats3 Expats Should Consider Their Options4 Golding & Golding: About our International Tax Law […]
  Contents1 “I Didn’t Know I Had to File FBAR” Penalty Defense2 Example of “I Didn’t Know I Had to […]
  Contents1 FBAR Penalties May Survive Death2 Basis for the FBAR Penalties3 Taxpayer Passed Away and Representative Appointed4 Defendant Claims […]
Contents1 Why Report Previously Undisclosed Foreign Accounts? 2 Your Foreign Bank Reports to IRS3 FBAR Penalties Can Be Tough4 IRS Wins […]
Contents1 Streamlined Filing Procedures Summary 2 You Cannot be Willful & Enter Streamlined Procedure Submissions3 Full Submission is Required4 Categorize the […]
Contents1 Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures2 Purpose of the Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures3 What is Streamlined Filing Compliance “Non-Willfulness”4 Non-Willfulness is […]
Contents1 What is Tax Evasion  2 What is Tax Evasion (26 USC 7201) 3 How is Tax Evasion Defined?4 Willful […]
Contents1 Outdated FBAR Regulation Does Not Limit Foreign Account Penalties2 USA v Kahn: Procedural Summary3 FBAR Statute was Updated but […]
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