Contents1 Form 8938 2 Form 8938 Threshold & Requirements3 Form 8938 Threshold Filing Requirements4 Foreign Financial Asset […]
  Contents1 Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures2 Purpose of the Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures3 What is Streamlined […]
Contents1 Streamlined Domestic Offshore Procedures2 Benefits of the Streamlined Procedures3 Purpose of IRS Streamlined Domestic Offshore […]
Contents1 Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedures2 Purpose of the Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedures3 Who is Eligible for […]
Contents1 IRS Voluntary Disclosure Program Updated Practice2  IRS Voluntary Disclosure Program Basics3 New IRS Voluntary Disclosure […]
  Contents1 Beware of Inexperienced Streamlined Counsel2 Case Study Example 3 What Happens When you Get Caught […]
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Contents1 International Tax Attorneys2 Golding & Golding International Tax Law Specialist Team3 Areas of International Tax […]
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