International Tax Blog

Contents1 Puerto Rico & US Tax2 Purpose of Puerto Rico Incentives Code 603 US Citizens Moving to Puerto Rico4 Bona […]
Contents1 Tax Fraud Indictment for Hiding Income as Ill-Gotten Gains2 Tax Fraud Indictment of Virginia Beach Businessman Pleads Guilty to […]
Contents1 Reportable Transactions & Tax Shelter Penalties2 What is a Prohibited Tax Shelter Transaction?3 Offshore Syndicated Conservation Easements4 What is […]
Contents1 FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance)2 Required for Taxpayers Residing Overseas3 Not the Same as FBAR – International Law4 Increase […]
Contents1 Is the New IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure a Good Program?2 Criminal Tax Liability3 Mitigating FBAR Penalties4 Audit vs. Opt-Out5 […]
Contents1 Secret Overseas Bank Accounts & Tax Evasion 2 Florida Man Sentenced for Evading Taxes on Millions in Secret Offshore […]
Contents1 Delinquent International Information Return Submission Procedures2 Delinquent International Information Returns 3 DIIRSP vs. Reasonable Cause4 Reasonable Cause & Normal Filing […]
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