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Golding & Golding, A PLC: We are highly-experienced International Tax Attorneys specializing in IRS Offshore Disclosure of foreign accounts, assets, investments and income. Mr. Golding is one of less than 350 Attorneys (out of 200,000) who are Board Certified Tax Law Specialists (A designation earned by less than 1% of Attorneys Nationwide). Sean holds a Master’s in Tax Law, and is also an Enrolled Agent. Our International Tax Attorneys represent clients worldwide.

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 Streamlined Disclosure

Streamlined Offshore Disclosure: Our International Tax Lawyers specialize in representing clients worldwide with IRS Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures. The Streamlined Programs are designed for Tax Attorneys to assist non-willful clients with reducing or eliminating IRS Foreign Money penalties for FBAR & FATCA non-compliance under approved IRS Streamlined Offshore Disclosure guidelines, using Streamlined Domestic or Streamlined Foreign Procedures.

Streamlined Domestic  vs. Streamlined Foreign

 Post-OVDP Disclosures

IRS Offshore Disclosure: Even though OVDP has ended, if you are willful, you still have options. Our OVDP Lawyers specialize in representing clients worldwide in all aspects of the IRS Offshore Disclosure Practice. The program allows you to disclose domestic or and/or foreign income. As a Board Certified Tax Specialist Law Firm, our Attorneys diligently protect our clients, while developing cost-effective tax & penalty reduction strategies.

Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Practice Basics

 Reasonable Cause

IRS Reasonable Cause Statement: Depending on the facts and circumstances surrounding your nondisclosure, our International Tax Lawyers may recommend Reasonable Cause as a viable, safe alternative to either IRS Voluntary Disclosure or the Streamlined Program. Reasonable Cause is a fact specific submission, which is based on each applicant's facts & circumstances. Reasonable Cause may eliminate various international, foreign, and offshore penalties.

Streamlined vs. Reasonable Cause

 Certified Tax Specialist

Board Certified Tax Law Specialist: Our International Tax Attorneys specialize in IRS Offshore & Foreign Disclosure Matters worldwide. We have represented several hundred clients across the globe with safely getting into IRS compliance. We are the Tax Lawyers that other Attorneys, CPAs (and even IRS Personnel) contact when they want a specialist Attorney to disclose unreported income, assets, investments or accounts to the Internal Revenue Service.

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 Global Representation

Full-Service Law Firm: Our International Tax Lawyers represent hundreds of clients annually in over 65 different countries. As Tax Attorneys who specialize in IRS Offshore Disclosure, we have developed a unique Tax Law Firm model that is devoted entirely to representing clients with undisclosed money, including tax preparation, legal representation, and audit/examination protection. Our Law Offices are headquartered in Irvine, CA. All work is performed in-house.

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International Tax Law & Offshore Disclosure Testimonials  

“The reason went with Golding & Golding was that we wanted to work with someone that had both knowledge and expertise as well as actual in-depth experience of working through international tax situations.” – Offshore Compliance Client
“Sean has provided us with an outstanding service throughout the streamlined procedure.  Sean is straightforward, knowledgeable, reliable and extremely responsive.  His empathic approach and ability to explain complicated matters in a simple way are very comforting in such a stressful situation.” – IRS Voluntary Disclosure Client
3 years of amended tax returns and 6 years of delinquent FBARs, plus a thoroughly researched reasonable cause statement citing the tax laws of both countries and the treaties between them. All from a jumble of papers faxed from my files. Sean had the issue resolved in less time than it took me to find out what the problem was in the first place” – Offshore Disclosure Client
“The Only Lawyer I don’t have to Babysit – His Confidence, Expertise, and Experience are Truly Reassuring…Lastly, Sean cares for his clients. I can not stress how rare it is to find an attorney who genuinely cares.” – Reasonable Cause Client
“Mr. Golding was prompt, professional, reassuring (and explained everything patiently and thoroughly) and very attentive. I was not aware about a filing requirement for several years, and he handled the process for me. He was always a pleasure to deal with, and he is as kind as he is skilled.” – FATCA & FBAR Disclosure Client.
“Sean closely examined my situation and he educated me of various options available for me. He was very patient and answered all my questions on timely manner. After consulting him I felt relaxed. Sean and his firm were very supportive in the entire process to safely report my offshore accounts to the treasury. Overall I am very satisfied with the outcome.” – Streamlined Disclosure Client
“During the entire process, we were extremely impressed with their in-depth knowledge of not only OVDP but also with various other IRS Tax Amnesty Programs, as well as with their professionalism and diligence. It is both an honor and a privilege for us to give them our highest possible recommendation.” – OVDP Client
“Mr. Sean M. Golding’s empathetic expertise and timely decision-making involved me in positive actions and actual solutions. My results were: no penalties, no legal issues. My own mind now rests easy, at peace.” – OVDP & International Estate Tax Client
After hiring him as our tax attorney, Sean did not disappoint. He is always positive and proactive. He basically took my hand and walked me through the complex and ever-changing FATCA and voluntary disclosure maze.” — FATCA & OVDP Client
“They did our OVDP. We got our final letter and now we have peace of mind. What a relief, thank you.” – OVDP Client with various classes of assets in numerous different countries.
“Mr. Golding, thank you for helping me get through this without any problems.” – High-Profile International Tax Law Client with 11 foreign accounts and real estate, while facing civil and criminal penalties