U.S. Entrepreneurs with Foreign Income or Accounts – International Tax

If you are a US entrepreneur with foreign accounts or foreign income located in a foreign country, it is important that you stay in IRS tax compliance from the start. U.S. Entrepreneurs & International Tax  If you remain in tax compliance, then you can spend less time worrying about IRS offshore-related issues and more time…


FBAR (2018) – Important Tips for Timely Reporting Accounts to the IRS

FBAR (2018): Important Tips for Timely Reporting Accounts to the IRS. FBAR FBAR is the Report of Foreign bank and Financial Account form. It is one of the most common IRS international tax forms, because it has a relatively low threshold requirement, and is a very broad form, encompassing many different types of foreign accounts. Important…


International Trust IRS Reporting Rules – U.S. Tax, Assets & Accounts

What are the International Trust IRS Reporting Rules for U.S. Tax, Assets & Accounts? An International Trust (aka Foreign Trust or Offshore Trust) usually means a trust that is located outside of the United States (or subject to law in a jurisdiction outside of the United States) and is owned at least in part by…


IRS Criminal Investigation – 5 Key IRS Tax Investigation Techniques

IRS Criminal Investigation: Are You Under IRS Criminal Investigation? We have represented numerous clients who have come to us at various stages of an IRS Criminal Investigation. Sometimes, the client contacts us once the IRS Special Agents (they travel in pairs) have already descended upon them, and other times…it’s just a hunch that they are under…