IRS Voluntary Disclosure Program - 2020 Updated Practice Procedure Guide
  IRS Voluntary Disclosure Program (2019-2020) IRS Voluntary Disclosure Program: The IRS Voluntary Disclosure Program is […]
Voluntary Disclosure Tax Amnesty 
  Voluntary Disclosure Tax Amnesty & the IRS Voluntary Disclosure Tax Amnesty: There are several Voluntary […]
India Offshore Compliance for U.S. Tax & Reporting
  India Offshore Compliance & the IRS India Offshore Tax & Reporting Compliance: The India offshore […]
FBAR Penalties & IRS FBAR Penalty Enforcement
  FBAR Penalties & the IRS FBAR Penalties: The issuance of FBAR Penalties are on the […]
Attorney-Client Privilege Tax Return Preparation in Streamlined Offshore Filing
Attorney-Client Privilege Tax Return Preparation & IRS Streamlined Attorney-Client Privilege Tax Return Preparation: The attorney-client privilege […]
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