How Does The Process Work?

What is a Reduced-Fee Initial Consultation?

We offer reduced-fee consultations, which are designed to be educational and informative. During our consultation with you, we will not sell you. We will provide you with an evaluation of your case. At the end of the call, if you are interested in moving forward with our firm for representation, we will offer you a flat-fee quote. Your initial consultation fee is applied to your flat-fee agreement.

A Simple & Completely Confidential Process

Once your consultation is scheduled, we will provide your our main number call-in instructions or Skype details. During your confidential consultation, we will provide you an evaluation of your case. If you decide to move forward with our firm, your fee is applied to your flat-fee retainer. 

All scheduling is conducted via email

We do not handle any scheduling via telephone. We receive numerous inquiries from clients in over 80+ countries and to avoid any scheduling situations with different time-zones, foreign telephone numbers which cannot receive callbacks (MagicJack, Google Voice), etc., your request for a consultation must be via email. Some clients create a separate email for this specific purpose.


What is a Board Certified Tax Lawyer Specialist?

A Board-Certified Tax Law Specialist is the highest tax credential a tax attorney can achieve. In California, out of 200,000 attorneys, less than 350  are Board-Certified Tax Specialists. Our specialist Team focuses exclusively on offshore tax matters worldwide.

Flat-Fee, Full-Service Tax and Legal Representation

Learn why experienced Offshore Disclosure Lawyers always charge flat-fee to tax and legal in-house representation — and avoid the  risk of hiring outside CPAs for tax preparation.

Why Does Golding & Golding Not Offer Free Initial Consultations?

Learn the differences between our value-driven 30-minute reduced-fee initial consultation and the ‘free’ 15-minute sales pitch consultations advertised by other law firms.

Schedule a Confidential Reduced-Fee Initial Consultation with a Board-Certified Tax Attorney Specialist


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