International Tax Lawyers - IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure

International Tax Lawyers – IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure

Please Note, our firm’s practice is limited exclusively to Offshore Disclosure matters only. Therefore, we cannot provide consultations on any matters outside of foreign disclosure.

All Initial consultations are scheduled via Email Only.

Please provide a valid Email Address, and our Office Manager will be in contact with you to schedule your telephone call.


Disclaimer: We want to keep our initial consultations free. Please don’t ruin it for everyone else. Please keep in mind – these consultations are provided as a courtesy and we respectfully reserve the right to refuse service. We try to be generous and really try to educate individuals on the basics of Offshore Disclosure, but we have found some people trying to take advantage of this situation. We do not provide consultations to CPAs or other tax professionals who need help with their own clients. Also, if you are submitting the Offshore Disclosure application on your own, we cannot provide you with a consultation to go over your submission and figure out what you missed, etc. While we try to get back to each and every one of you, if you do not leave a valid email address or if you do not answer your phone when we call (which may not disclose our phone number), then it is impossible for us to reach you. Please check your email’s spam folder for our emails. Please do not expect multiple free consultations. Again, we try to be understanding but some individuals seem to expect numerous follow-up phone calls. Thank you for your understanding!

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