IRS Criminal Investigation (Learn How the IRS Investigates Tax Crime)

IRS Criminal Investigation (Learn How the IRS Investigates Tax Crime) Are You Under IRS Criminal Investigation? We have represented numerous clients who have come to us at various stages of an IRS Criminal Investigation. Sometimes, the client contacts us once the IRS Special Agents (they travel in pairs) have already descended upon them, and other times…it’s…


Manafort & Gates FBAR Fraud – Could OVDP Have Changed the Outcome?

The same way Al Capone got did in by taxes, is the same way taxes and FBAR related activities may bring down several high-ranking members of the U.S. government (current and former). FBAR Fraud Crime Even though there are numerous allegations being alleged against Messrs. Manafort and Gates, we are going to focus on one specific…


Offshore Tax Fraud – Reduce Your Chances of an IRS Criminal Investigation

Offshore Tax Fraud Offshore Tax Fraud is the process of knowingly or willfully (including reckless disregard) illegal reducing your tax liability by not reporting your offshore or foreign income, or falsifying deductions and expenses. IRS Definition of Offshore When people think of offshore, their mind immediately takes them to a beach in the Cayman Islands…