Top 15 Blog Posts - International Tax Lawyers (Golding & Golding)

Top 15 Blog Posts – International Tax Lawyers (Golding & Golding)

At Golding & Golding we love international tax, and especially IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure — which is the only area of tax we practice.

Over the years we have written hundreds, upon hundreds of blog posts, guest posts, and articles on a broad range of different topics — with most of them involving IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure.

Depending on whether “FATCA Letters” have been issued in a particular country, whether a particular country entered into an IGA, and/or common interests of our clients in general – our top 15 blog posts do vary in some degree. But, often times the following 15 blog posts we have authored rank within the top 15 topics individuals such as yourself are most interested in.

In order to make it a bit easier for you to access, we are providing links to the top 15 most searched Blog Posts or Pages at Golding & Golding:

  1. What is IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure
  2. What is the Streamlined Offshore Disclosure Program
  3. OVDP vs. Streamlined
  4. Foreign Mutual Funds & PFIC Excess Distributions
  5. Reporting Foreign Pension Plans
  6. Green Card Holders Have FBAR & FATCA Requirements Too
  7. When Will the IRS Streamlined Program End?
  8. FBAR Filing for H-1B Visa
  9. Reporting Closed Foreign Bank Accounts (FBAR & FATCA)
  10. IRS Penalties for Foreign Inheritances
  11. Reporting Overseas Real Estate Rental Income
  12. Expatriation – 5 Things You Must Know
  13. FATCA Reporting – 10 Things You Need to Know
  14. What is the PFIC Mark-to-Market Election
  15. The Dangers of Preparing Your Own Streamlined Certification Statement