International Tax Attorney Houston 

International Tax Attorney Houston: Our international tax attorney and offshore disclosure team has been very successful in reducing, avoiding and abating offshore penalties for clients statewide. Golding & Golding represents clients in Houston, Sugar Land and throughout Texas, with IRS matters involving Voluntary Disclosure and Streamlined Filing Compliance. We have helped numerous clients throughout Houston with penalties involving Form 3520, 3520-A, 5471, 8621, 8865 and 8938.

Even though we are based in Irvine, California, we are often called upon to help clients throughout Texas, and fix issued by prior counsel on matters involfing FBAR, FATCA and International Tax.

The IRS has increased enforcement of foreign asset, account and income reporting compliance. The failure to timely and accurately report offshore money may result in significant fines and penalties, such as FBAR penalties.

There have been several recent cases throughout the United States, including Texas. Courts around the nation are split on issues involving FBAR penalties, foreign gifts, trusts & inheritances, and foreign corporations, partnerships and other entities.

International Tax Attorney Houston

International Tax Attorney Houston

Golding & Golding: About Our International Tax Law Firm

Golding & Golding specializes exclusively in international tax, and specifically IRS offshore disclosure, including Streamlined Domestic, Streamlined Foreign, Voluntary Disclosure and Reasonable Cause.

Our International Tax Attorney Houston team are the “go-to” firm for other Attorneys, CPAs, Enrolled Agents, Accountants, and Financial Professionals across the globe. Our attorneys have worked with thousands of clients on offshore disclosure matters, including FATCA & FBAR.

Each case is led by a Board-Certified Tax Law Specialist with 20 years of experience, and the entire matter (tax and legal) is handled by our team, in-house.

*Please beware of copycat tax and law firms misleading the public about their credentials and experience.

Golding & Golding specializes in International Tax Law.

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