Beware of Aggressive Tax Attorneys & "Insider Secret IRS Knowledge" (Board Certified Tax Specialist)

Beware of Aggressive Tax Attorneys & “Insider Secret IRS Knowledge” (Board Certified Tax Specialist)

Beware of Aggressive Tax Attorneys & “Insider Secret IRS Knowledge”

Recently a sweet, older lady client came to us from another law firm for representation in an IRS offshore disclosure matter; this is not uncommon.

We specialize exclusively in this ares of law and have worked with thousands of clients worldwide. 

Overly-Aggressive & Inexperienced Counsel

IRS Offshore Disclosure does not need to be a contentious back-and-forth between the applicant’s Attorneys, and the IRS.

And, being overly-aggresive or inexperienced in this area of tax law is a recipe for disaster.

Sometimes a client comes to us from another firm because the other firm was less experienced and knowledgeable than they purported to be.

Other times, it is that the firm misrepresents how the offshore disclosure process works, time spent on cases, the importance of having a Master’s of Tax Law (LL.M), Board Certification, and an EA or CPA license (e.g., credentials they have not earned) and risks of using an outside CPA.

Then, there are the less experienced lawyers who like to bad-mouth the more experienced firms in the industry — hoping the client would not eventually reach out to more experienced counsel (read: they eventually do).

But, in this particular case, the story she told us was pretty amazing.

The Client wanted us to warn others; she was 79 and never in trouble with the law…ever.

Offshore Disclosure Attorney, Self-proclaimed “Experts”

No Tax Attorney is an Expert.

Any offshore disclosure tax attorney who fancies himself or herself as an expert is an attorney you should stay away from.

You may see them advertised or marketed as FATCA Expert, FBAR Expert, OVDP Expert, Streamlined Expert, etc.

While the most experienced tax attorneys in this field will have advanced degrees — none of us would ever claim to be an expert.

The client was not happy with the representation, so we asked why.

Secret Insider IRS Offshore Knowledge

She let us know the attorney (who used to work for the IRS as an Attorney, but not as an Offshore Disclosure Attorney) sold her during a “free initial consultation” on the fact that the Attorney had “secret insider knowledge.” 

Beware of Sales Pitches

Secret knowledge is a sales pitch that dates back hundreds of years.

It is similar to a Ponzi Scheme in which the scammer tells the client she has access to special high interest rates at the bank, in a “secret” program that “only a select few people know about.”

It Gets Worse…

When the client pressed the attorney about what type of knowledge he had, and how it would help her case — the attorney became gruff, abrupt, and aggressive towards the client.

The following exchange “allegedly” occurred:

Client: What kind of insider knowledge do you have?

Attorney: Do you want to go to jail?

Client: I was just asking?

Attorney: Don’t ask me such stupid questions.

The Client was Clearly Non-Willful

Based on the client’s facts, the client was clearly non-willful; this was not an issue. She qualifies for Streamlined Domestic Offshore Procedures, and a significant portion of her assets will be exempt from penalty.

No, The Client was NOT Going To Jail

There was no chance this client could have ever be considered willful, never mind go to jail or prison…

Golding & Golding, A PLC

We have successfully represented clients in more than 1000 streamlined and voluntary disclosure submissions nationwide, and in over 70-different countries.

We are the “go-to” firm for other Attorneys, CPAs, Enrolled Agents, Accountants, and Financial Professionals across the globe.

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