Sean M. Golding, JD, LLM, EA - IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Lawyers

Sean M. Golding, JD, LLM, EA – IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Lawyers

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We are the only State Bar Board Certified Tax Law Firm that specializes exclusively in IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure!

IRS Streamlined Offshore Disclosure is the process of getting into compliance with the U.S. government; it is designed for individuals and businesses that were non-willful in their failure to properly report/disclose their foreign accounts and/or foreign income to the United States. 

Streamlined Offshore Disclosure (aka Streamlined Program) is an approved method by the U.S. government for getting into compliance. 

Sean M. Golding, JD, LL.M., EA – Certified Tax Law Specialist

Our Managing Partner, Sean M. Golding, JD, LLM, EA is the only Attorney nationwide who has earned the Certified Tax Law Specialist credential and specializes in IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Matters.

In addition to earning the Certified Tax Law Certification, Sean also holds an LL.M. (Master’s in Tax Law) from the University of Denver and is also an Enrolled Agent (the highest credential awarded by the IRS.) 

He is frequently called upon to lecture and write on issues involving IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure.

Less than 1% of Tax Attorneys Nationwide

Out of more than 200,000 practicing attorneys in California, less than 400 attorneys have achieved this Certified Tax Law Specialist designation.

The exam is widely regarded as one of (if not) the hardest tax exam given in the United States for practicing Attorneys. It is a designation earned by less than 1% of attorneys.

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How to Qualify

The most important factor for the Streamlined Program is that you must be non-willful. While the IRS does not provide a specific definition of the term non-willful, it essentially means you did not act intentionally or deliberately in failing to report your foreign accounts or offshore income to the United States.

In other words, if you did not know you had to report the account or income information, then under almost all circumstances, you would be non-willful.

Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedures

The Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedures are for individuals who were non-willful and meet the Foreign Residence requirement. If you are a U.S. citizen or Legal Permanent Resident, then you must have lived outside of the United States in one of the last three tax years (not all three tax years) for at least 330 days.

You could have lived in multiple different countries during the 330-days and still qualify. In other words, the requirement is that you are outside of the United States for at least 330 days – not necessarily in any one particular country.

If you meet the Foreign Residence requirements, then you are still required to amend your U.S. tax returns (or file original returns) for the last three (3) years and report your foreign account information for the last six (6) years – but all penalties are waived and you generally receive a Foreign Tax Credit for any foreign taxes due.

Therefore, under the Streamlined Foreign Program, depending on your circumstances, you may have ZERO tax and ZERO penalty due.

*If you were only subject to U.S. tax because you were on a Visa and met the Substantial Presence Test, other rules apply.

Streamlined Domestic Offshore Disclosure

If you do not meet the foreign residence requirement under the Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedures, you may qualify for the Streamlined Domestic Program. All the other requirements are essentially the same, except instead of receiving a penalty waiver, you must pay a small 5% penalty.

The 5% penalty is calculated by totaling the year-end value of your unreported foreign accounts and other specified assets for each year in your six-year compliance period. You then select the highest year’s year-end balance (not each year) and multiply it by 5% to get the penalty amount.

Want to Apply for the Streamlined Program?

At Golding & Golding, we represent hundreds of taxpayers each year and we limit our entire practice to IRS offshore voluntary disclosure (OVDP, FBAR, FATCA & Streamlined).

Lawyer Credentials

**Tax Law is a specialized area of law and Offshore Disclosure is especially complex.  Your OVDP or Streamlined Attorney should have:

  • IRS Audit Experience
  • Litigation Experience
  • At least 15-20 years of experience as a practicing lawyer
  • An advanced Master’s of Tax Law Degree (LL.M.); and
  • Either a CPA or Enrolled Agent (EA) license.

Reduced Fee Consultation

We do not offer “free” initial telephone consultations, because free initial telephone consultations are nothing more than “Sales Pitches” designed to misinform and scare you into making a brash decision.

When you are ready to discuss the specifics of your case, please email us to schedule a Reduced Fee Telephone Consultation with an experienced IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Lawyer.

We offer consultations in 30-minute, 60-minute, and 90-minute increments.

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