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Relief From Assessment of Automatic Penalties for Form 5471 & 3520-A – Golding & Golding

Relief From Assessment of Automatic Penalties for Form 5471 & 3520-A

The IRS is making good on its plan to increase enforcement of Form 5471 penalties by issuing automatic penalties for non-compliant U.S. Taxpayers who have not properly reported their foreign corporations or trusts.

If you have unreported interest in a foreign business (or trust), it is important you get into compliance.

Automatic 5471 & 3520-A Penalty

The two main culprits that are causing individuals the most headaches is the form 5471 for non-reporting of foreign corporations, and form 3520-A for non-reporting of foreign trusts.

In addition, the IRS has also ramped up issuing penalties against individuals who receive gifts, inheritance, or foreign trust distributions from a foreign person — sometimes reaching upwards of 25% value of the gift/distribution.

National Tax Advocate Annual Report

Each year the National Tax Advocate issues a lengthy (and boring) report detailing the current updates involving the IRS. If you were to review the portion involving foreign penalties, you would find that the IRS has issued several hundreds of million of dollars in penalties against individuals who have not properly disclosed foreign trusts and foreign corporations.

That is not to say that once the penalties are issued that you cannot work to get them abated or removed. But generally, the preferred strategy is to be proactive and submit an effective amnesty package requesting penalties not be issued in the first place.

As with anything in life it’s better to apologize first, than to have to ask for forgiveness later.

IRS International Informational Return Penalties are Severe

Unfortunately, the penalties associated with not properly reporting foreign trusts and foreign corporations are pretty severe — they can range in the tens of thousands of dollars depending on the type of non-compliance and the length of the occurrence.

How to Avoid Automatic Penalties

If you are at risk for being hit with nondisclosure penalties for foreign trusts, corporations come over gifts one are the best options for getting into compliance is through IRS offshore disclosure.

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