“I’m Going to Sleep Better Tonight, Thank You” – Golding & Golding

This has to be one of the best compliments we receive at Golding & Golding, and one that always makes our firm proud of the work we perform and the dedication we have to this area of law.

Many times, before a client comes to our firm, they have already had a bad experience with an attorney that either offered a free consultation or posted some fear-mongering information on their website.

Examples include:

  • The Free Consultation “Scare and Sell”
  • Inexperienced Counsel providing inaccurate information
  • Being scared into believing they are going to jail for minor issues.

What Makes Golding & Golding Different

We are different than most firms. Not only have we have earned important tax credentials, but we are the only firm lead by a Board-Certified Tax Law Specialist Attorney that focuses exclusively in IRS Offshore/Voluntary Disclosure.

Since we specialize exclusively in this area of law, we are trained to handle any issue involving your IRS Offshore/Voluntary Disclosure, Streamlined Offshore Disclosure, Reasonable Cause, or Delinquency Proceeding Matter that less experienced attorneys are not equipped to handle.

We our PASSIONATE about our work, and safely getting clients into compliance is our goal in life.

Copycat Offshore Disclosure Lawyers

Lately, we have found that more and more inexperienced attorneys are trying to tout experience they do not have in order to sell clients on services they cannot provide — only to leave the clients in a worse position than they were in before.

Of course, we are not talking about other experienced attorneys.

We mean the other attorneys…the ones who visit our blog regularly, copy our content (and examples), try to change it around just enough to try to call it “original,” and tout themselves as “Experts” after only a few years of private practice.