Reporting Foreign Passive Income | FATCA & OVDP Attorneys

Prior to the enforcement of FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act), many individuals never reported their overseas assets, foreign income and bank accounts. In fact, it was actually protocol for CPAs to not even ask if the taxpayer had any overseas money. Why? Because back in the day it was nearly impossible for the Internal…


Board Certified Tax Attorney Specialist vs. “Tax Specialist” Marketing

We specialize exclusively in IRS Offshore Disclosure. Sean M. Golding, JD, LL.M., EA is one of less than 350 Board Certified Tax Law Specialist Attorneys in all of California (less than 1% of Attorneys Nationwide are Board Certified). Sean earned a Master’s of Tax Law from University of Denver. He is also dually licensed as an…


IRS Voluntary Disclosure Immigration Rules – Will You Be Deported?

IRS Voluntary Disclosure Immigration Rules – Will You Be Deported? Chances are that applying for IRS Voluntary Disclosure will not result in deportation/removal. In fact, in the many years we’ve been practicing and several hundred cases we have handled, we have never had a single person deported or remove simply because he or she entered IRS…