Section 83(b) & Foreign Company Stock – U.S. Tax, FBAR & FATCA Rules

Section 83(b) and Foreign Company Stock is an important concept for individuals working for companies (and especially start-up companies) abroad. When a person works for a business, oftentimes that business will provide a broad range of different incentives for individuals regarding compensation. One of the main types of compensation benefits is unvested stock, which will…


Manafort & Gates FBAR Fraud – Could OVDP Have Changed the Outcome?

The same way Al Capone got did in by taxes, is the same way taxes and FBAR related activities may bring down several high-ranking members of the U.S. government (current and former). FBAR Fraud Crime Even though there are numerous allegations being alleged against Messrs. Manafort and Gates, we are going to focus on one specific…


U.S. Tax On Inheritance from Overseas – IRS International Reporting

U.S. Tax on Inheritance from Overseas and the IRS International Reporting Rules are two of the most common inquiries we receive at Golding & Golding. When it comes to US tax and IRS International Reporting rules, the topics needs needs to be broken down into three different parts U.S. Tax on the Inheritance from Overseas U.S….


Streamlined Non-Willful Certification Statement – Were You Truthful?

Even if you were Willful and submitted a Streamlined Certification Statement, you may still be able to limit the collateral Damage. Streamlined…But Willful Depending on what stage your IRS Streamlined Submission is in, and what the facts and circumstances are surrounding why you submitted to the Streamlined Program when you know you were willful (Read:…