FBAR Late Filing Penalty – Foreign Account Penalties | FBAR Delinquency

FBAR Late Filing Penalties: Safely Reducing Foreign Account Penalties is the cornerstone of what we do at Golding & Golding, A PLC – An International Tax Law Firm that focuses exclusively in FBAR, FATCA, and IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Programs. FBAR Late Filing  In 2017, the IRS changed the reporting requirement for the FBAR. Starting…


Am I Eligible for Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures (IRS)?

Am I Eligible for Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures (IRS)? If you are out of IRS Offshore compliance for not properly or timely filing tax returns and/or filing international reporting forms for your foreign assets, accounts, investments and income, you may be in luck. The IRS has developed special streamlined procedures to assist U.S. account holder…


What if I do Not Respond to My Foreign Bank’s FATCA Request?

If you received a FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) request from your foreign bank/foreign financial institution asking you to “confirm” your U.S. Status, you may be tempted to avoid reporting the information it requests. If you’ve never heard of FATCA, then after a few hours of researching online, not only will your head be spinning,…